PLENITER® is our unique and highly integrated software suite
for the planning, implementation and operation of complete satellite missions.

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PLENITER® consists of individually combinable modules.

Operations Schedules for Single or Multi-Spacecraft Missions

PLENITER® Plan handles all of your regular and special mission tasking requirements for your mission system infrastructure, spacecraft platforms and payloads. Considering all the physical and operational constraints and predicted events, it produces consistent and conflict-free schedules for:

  • Multiple spacecraft on-board schedule execution
  • Multiple ground-station schedule execution
  • Multiple control-centres Payload process monitoring
  • Operator scheduling

The Advanced Set of Tools for the Automation of Space Mission Control

PLENITER® Automate can partially or fully automate operations and yet it allows operators to intervene and control the operating procedures at any time. PLENITER® Automate is flexible and allows the automation level to be tailored to the users’ needs. Automation reduces operating overheads and complexity by functioning independently without requiring attached displays or intervention for long periods.

Schedule Execution is the overseeing function of the automation solution. It takes the executable schedules produced by PLENITER® Plan, and controls the timing and monitors the progress of the specific scheduled items, typically procedures.

Procedure Execution executes the operational procedures, interfacing with the Mission Control System to control the release of telecommands and monitoring of spacecraft and ground systems telemetry.

Integrated Monitoring and Control Core for Space and Ground Systems

PLENITER® Control constitutes the “heart” of the PLENITER® product suite, providing fully integrated supervision of all space and ground components of a mission. The core software components of PLENITER® Control have proven their operational reliability in various space missions over the past decade.

A major benefit of PLENITER® Control is that it reduces the necessity for continuous shift on-site presence during routine operations, whilst providing safe mission operations.

Centralised Mission Archive, Configuration and Product Store

PLENITER® Store provides three central components. The “Mission Archive” records the activities performed for the mission and combines the Space Segment and Ground Segment M&C data. A high-performance retrieval layer enables fast analysis and replay of historical data. The “Version Controlled Store” provides a centralised configuration management system. Finally, the “Product Store” supports data exchange with internal components as well as external entities such as spacecraft manufacturers.

The Integrated Flight Dynamics Solution

PLENITER® Orbit includes all the functionality required to provide flight dynamics services for earth-centred spacecraft missions. The whole mission lifecycle is supported from launch window selection through first acquisition, LEOP operations, on-station operations to mission disposal.

There is no limit to the number of spacecraft supported within a mission; hence PLENITER® Orbit is equally suited for single-spacecraft missions, constellations and fleets.

Its underlying astro-dynamics computation engine has been operationally used in more than two hundred missions.

Due to its intuitive scripting language and the variety of interfaces supported, PLENITER® Orbit can be easily integrated into existing ground systems and adapted for a particular mission. With its high degree of automation PLENITER® Orbit minimises the routine tasks to be performed by the Flight Dynamic Engineer.

Payload Planning, Monitoring, Control and Analysis

PLENITER® Payload provides full access to payload functionality for operators and -if desired- also for end-users. Payload re-configuration tasks are communicated to the multi-domain payload planning facility. Live monitoring and historical data can be accessed directly from the Browser for ad-hoc analysis and routine reporting. The payload planning framework is integrated with PLENITER® Plan and PLENITER® Automate to ensure seamless configuration and monitoring of the automation chain. Modern Browser technologies combined with the latest security standards can provide secure external access to all payload services.

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SCISYS SPACE Division provides integrated solutions and products for ground & on-board systems as well as on-site engineering and operations support for the management and procurement of space and space-related projects.

For us, a long-standing partnership based on trustworthy collaboration with our customers holds the key to sustained success in the exciting and sophisticated space market.Our customers are satellite operators, system integrators and major research laboratories, as well as organisations and companies that are part of the international space industry.

The SCISYS SPACE Division operates in the UK through SCISYS UK Ltd. and in Germany through SCISYS Deutschland GmbH.

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